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Ms. Gloria's Specials

Colon Hydrotherapy Boost                                          $140.00

Rev up your detoxifying process with a Steam Sauna, Colon Hydrotherapy, and aroma hands.

Ultimate Relaxation                                                     $160.00

Relax and melt away tension and stress with a Steam Sauna, Colon Hydrotherapy and, Back Facial.

Healing Touch 3 Sessions                                           $225.00

Get a  free Herbal Bath Tea with the purchase of three Healing Touch sessions.  This is the Bio-field's ultimate balance and clearing. 


Tuning Forks Sound Therapy                                      $65.00

Ease pain, clearing and balancing the mind-body and spirit with sound frequencies of the Ohm or Solfeggio tuning forks.  This is Ms. Gloria"s intro special to sound therapy.

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