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Naturally Organic Facial 50 minutes                                                                           $65.00

This wonderful manual cleansing exfoliates your skin using a steaming and masking treatment.  While the penetrating mask does its work, you receive a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.  This treatment will leave your skin looking refreshed and revitalized.                                                  


Back Facial 50 minutes                                                                                                $75.00


A relaxing back treatment to target one area of the body is often ignored.  It includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions along with a customized essential oil massage.  A specialty mask to suit your needs will leave you relaxed and your skin radiant.                                              


Rose Quartz Facial 90 minutes                                                                                     $130.00


This facial is the purest energy for mind, body, and spirit.  We use rose essential oil, rosehip oil, and rose water to nourish the skin. We then combine facial massage with a rose quartz crystal wand to stimulate cell renewal, heal and re-energize the skin while promoting a feeling of well-being. The Rose Quartz Facial includes: Facial cleansing scrub, Rose toner, placing rose quartz crystals, very gentle exfoliation, aromatic steam, rose mask, and aromatic hot towels while balancing the energy centers.   


Arthritis Hand Treatment 35 minutes                                                                           $50.00


A detoxifying oil blend is used to break up toxins in the joints; hands are dipped in paraffin and wrapped.  Includes hand scrub.


Aromatherapy Back. Feet and Hands 90 minutes                                                           $125.00


Essential oils are applied to the back, feet, and hands using gentle touch to balance the body, mind, and energy centers.  During the feet and hands, reflexology pressure points will be applied to release congestion or blockages in the vital energy pathway.


Hot Stones Back 60 minutes                                                                                          $135.00  

After a mini back facial, warm Basalt River stones are massaged on the back.  The warm stones and weight improve circulation, warm tense tired muscles, reduce stress and anxiety allowing for a more relaxed you.             

Colon Hydrotherapy 45-60 minutes                                                                               $75.00                                                                             

 3 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions                                                                                                                            $210.00

Steam Sauna 30 minutes                                                                                               $40.00

Healing Touch 60 minutes                                                                                             $75.00


Healing Touch with Anointing Oil                                                                                 $85.00



Lipo-Cavitation 60 minutes per area                                                                             $150.00            

Cellulite Ultrasound CVT 30 minutes                                                                              $75.00


                                     60 minutes                                                                             $150.00

One treatment area is up to 8.5 x 1 1 inches, which is the size of a standard piece of paper. Any region that requires a two treatment region (i.e. inner thighs, etc..), would be considered as 1.5 or 2 treatment areas.  The upper and lower abdomen are considered two treatment areas..


Abdomen - 1 Treatment Area (larger abdomen may be more than one area) 
Arms - 1 Treatment Area 
Flanks / Love handles / Muffin Top - 2 Treatment Areas
Midback /Fat under bra - 1 Treatment Area 
Outer Thighs (also referred to as saddlebags) - 2 Treatment Areas 
Inner Thighs - 1.5 Treatment Areas 
Back of the Thighs (under the buttocks) - 1.5 Treatment Areas
Front of the Thighs - 1.5 Treatment Areas 
Buttocks - 2 Treatment Areas 
Knees - 1.5 Treatment Areas







                                           "ALL SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO FEMALES ONLY"               

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